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Unhappy Error message Alerts

Maybe I experince this due to some fault of my own, but it's annoying and I would love a fix someday.
While I'm at school and using the university network connection, periodically the network with bottleneck or get restricted from overuse or administrator action. The problem is that I will get an error message when my hosts all drop out, telling me that a firewall or network is holding up my traffic.
Well be that as it may it's something I have to deal with, but the unfortunate part is that I get not only one of these messages, they begin to pile up fast. Even when LW is running in my dock/background(I'm using Mac OSX{10.3.9}) LW will pop up to alert me of this problem, however the application itself won't actually come to the front, only the top alert, forcing me to manually select LW.
On a bad day, especially if I'm not here to disconnect LW right away, I can get a stack of these a mile high which makes it impossible to access LW since the alerts superceed any other action, meanwhile more messages pop up.
If alerts could pop up not as a dialog box, but maybe in a scrolling window which could be ignored or at least moved, much the way Java errors come up in my browser.

Just my wish.

As an aside, I like that my downloads will continue even when I disconnect from the hosts on some occassions. More support to those who may be stuck behind a firewall or network not of their own would be greatly appreciated. I can't directly connect to my roommate but I can search and come with with results with his files, and then browse his computer.

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