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Default How To Get Stack Traces

Stack Traces are debugging information you can get from LimeWire that is very helpful in tracking various bugs. If you are reporting a problem with the LimeWire beta series, you may be asked at one point or another to help us by providing such Stack Trace. Here are instructions how to get those:

On Windows:

1. Download and save it in C:\Program Files\LimeWire (or wherever you installed LimeWire)
2. Start LimeWire by opening a dos prompt and typing
LimeWireDebug.exe >> stdout.txt
3. Whenever you want to get a stack trace, switch to the dos box where you typed the above, and hit Ctrl-Break.
4. Close limewire and send us or post the stdout.txt file.

On Mac:

1) Start Console and press the Clear Button*
2) Start Activity Monitor
2.1) select LimeWire from the list
2.2) select "Send Signal to Process" from the View Menu
2.3) select "Quit (SIGQUIT)" from the Menu and press the Send Button
3) Go back to the Console and select "Save a Copy As..."* from the File Menu.

*alternatively press the Mark Button, select the output between the marked position and the end, select "Save Selection As..." from the File Menu.

On Linux:

1. Start LimeWire by typing "limewire > stdout.txt" in a terminal.
2. Whenever you want to get a stack trace, open another terminal, get the LimeWire process number and issue a kill -QUIT <procNo>.
3. The stack trace will be in the stdout.txt file.

We're going to make some changes to make it easier or even automate the above steps, so stay tuned.

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