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After running all night in UP port forward when I checked in morning still running 32 pears 14 leaves apparently did not disconnect during the night showed 10 host connected for 11 hrs. I left one search open for night it was idle in AM clicked resume went to awaiting sources this is a rare file. 10 ul 10 in Q.

fabion are you able to connect as a UP in UPnP or do you have to manually port forward?. I was just wondering I have been doing some testing and the only way so far with 4.9.24 haven't tested .28 yet that LW has disconnected is if I am running in UPnP with router set at default settings. Or manual port forwarding and say in the manual box put 6346 and listen on port 6348. I am currently running on manual 6348 listening on 6348 working fine. I have also found that I can not run in UPnP mode for more than 2 or 3 hrs without having to reset my router. But I haven't tested it with 4.9.28 yet don't know if it is still a problem.
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