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[QUOTE]Your machine does not appear to have an active Internet connection or
a firewall is blocking LimeWire from accessing the Internet. LimeWire will automatically keep trying to connect you to the network unless you select "Disconnect" from the File menu.

Got the message above. I was running in port Forward as UP went to file/disconnect manually disconnected. LimeWire then tried to connect for about a minuet then the message pooped up LimeWire continued searching for a connection and connected after a minuet as a Leaf so it appeared it did what it was suppose to.


I am trying to figure out why you can connect as a UP in UPnP mode and I can't. I do not have UP disabled so I am wondering what your connection is. I have cable test at 650 to 700kb down and 45kb up when running in port forward mode. But when running in UPnP mode it test at between 28 and 50kb down and 20 and 35kb but I can still DL on LW at 600+ these test were done while I was not DL anything and UL 5 at 30kb all things being equal. I know that LW is having an affect on my router but I still haven't figured out how to stop it from happening. But I am going to keep trying hell I might get lucky some day. Also are you running through a router.
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