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Default I dont what the heck is this but help!

When the installation of the version 4.9.29 is completed and i runned the program, this is what I noticed ... in documents sub-folder of the library folder, I saw a notice written in red which says "donotremove htm 0.0 KB".

Also in programs sub-folder, i saw notices also written in red "clink jar 300.7 KB, commons-httpclient jar 449.2 KB,
commons-logging jar 57.8 KB, daap jar 304.3 KB,
i18n jar 25.1 KB, icu4j jar 724.1 KB, id3v2 jar 92.2 KB
jcraft jar 133.5 KB, jl011 jar 249.0 KB, jmdns jar 67.7 KB
LimeWire exe 80.0 KB, LimeWire jar 5,876 KB, ogicrypto jar 222.2 KB, looks jar 615.9 KB, MessagesBundles jar 2,593 KB, mp3sp14 jar 39.1 KB,
ProgressTabs jar 5.8 KB, themes jar 492.7 KB, tritonus jar 149.1 KB, uninstall exe 102.2 KB, vorbis jar 26.6 KB, xerces jar 2,097 KB, xml-apis jar 202.8 KB".

Also in the images sub-folder "LimeWire ico 13.5 KB, pmf ico 3.2 KB, spacer gif 0.0 KB".

What happened? How do I hid or delete those?

Thank you.