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Default WMV and WMA - Size Does Matter

you can tell in a second if its BS or wonderland -- sort your result by size if you see a file and you know music and video have SIZE they are not every gonna be 183kb it its not showing MB Megabytes ... (4 or more numbers then kb) its a trick and the same goes for mpg or avi

use the big head.. if its too small its not going to ring the bell and fill you with delight... it means some butthead changed the name either just to be mean or because they must be the type of people that when there computer gets attacked and you don't even know what happened and or where you are or houw you got there.. what is the first thing I do... whip out my credit and and jump in.... yeah and monkeys my crawl out my butt...

its ok when your girlfriend tells you its not the size that counts... But we all know.. yeah it counts
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