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Default Smaller files - I lost the thread

With regard to preventing adware / spyware - I would still recommend Norton Antivirus coupled with Internet security... (paid for but well worth the price) as this protects your whole system and spots spyware quicker than you can blink. Once purchased it updates regularly, and by checking your whole system, an added bonus is that it obviously also checks your incoming email and deletes any infected files before they have a chance to act. Norton Internet security also warns you if any program attempts to connect to the internet or DNS server and gives you the option to permanently block it from doing so.

Instrincally there's nothing really "wrong" with wma files (or wmv or mov or rm)... although I vastly prefer mp3 or m4a for music (where you can also check the bit rate... 128 I would consider a minimum quality, - anything above that is a bonus, 160 provides reasonable audio quality but bigger file)....

Any file (wma wmv mov asf rm) with a size around 170kb is obviously just a link out to another site, although there are also now several files around 1500kb to 1800kb that link out to sites that invite you to buy codecs....

Norton won't allow these to install anything on your system, but I would suggest blocking the host that provided them (from within your LM options) so that they no longer appear in your searches.

As the previous post said, - sort your search results by size (by clicking on the size column to sort results by either ascending or descending file size... and use common sense). You'd be missing out a bit by ignoring all wma wmv mov or rm files, - (or I guess you could just wait for someone else to convert these into mp3 or mpg and wait for them to appear on the network).

As a reply to one of the much earlier threads, - not every program file (.exe .zip .rar) is infected, - I have several that are perfectly good. (for example winfeed.exe is a good (freeware) fractal generator... which gives hours of fun looking at pretty patterns to soothe the mind and waste a few hours .......
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