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I see what you mean about the culprit altering his virus to the name you search for but how does he do it so fast: he must have written some program that checks every search. I looked for a song and the hit list came back with the top line being the song, listed as (43) 'title' 134.4 mp3. T1. Click on Block Host and it shows Do the same search one minute later and get the same result for 134.4 kb and Block Host showing Do the same search one minute later deliberately spelling one word wrong and it comes back with (26) my misspelled title 134.4 mp3 T1 and Block Host shows Do the same again and spell two words wrong and it comes back again with (37) 134.4. mp3 T1, Block Host showing So not only can this guy(?) alter his result title to fit. he alters his host address every time as well. Bearing in mind the number of searches worldwide on LW at any one time this is one clever program/virus? I am not computer literate enough to begin to know how he does it. I do appeal to him to stop - it may be clever but, quoting Carl Sagan, being a genius is no guarantee against being dead wrong.
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