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Hi - thanks for your help. That is exactly what I got too. From what I can establish, the company may have used a free email service/host and have long gone from that site. I thought this might mean they were based in Michagen (sorry about spelling if wrong, but not from USA!) but the telephone no. given on my statement does not work with a US code.
On the link 'getyour$$$$back' page 2, a poster on the forum gives the phone number he used to contact them. I can't seem to get this to work for me using a UK or US dialing code.
I have retraced my steps and the way they got onto my computer was by me going onto the official Limewire site, pressing the 'get it now' button. A small grey screen (surely not the correct technical term!) immediately comes up asking if I want to save or run the download. This is from (and has exe in the end, which I now realise is a bad omen!). This still happens on my computer now, despite having deleted all files, cookies etc... that I can find. When you put in you get a to a site saying 'Your test has worked'! There seems to be no way to avoid this, and that is how I think I was scammed.
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