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Here's my list:

1. Customize the 'File Types' in the filter. E.g., add or remove extensions to each, add/remove categories as well.

2. Automatically refresh the display in the 'Search' window after banning hosts.

3. In the search tab, the ability to filter out words (as others have already pointed out, this would be very useful).

3. In the search tab, the ability to limit search to ALL keywords, not just one and/or the other.

4. In the Search tab, the ability to filter strings.

5. A system wide filter, in the Settings. For instance, I want to be able to filter out any result which has 'ebook' in it, whenever I search, without having to put in a temporary filter in the Search tab. This should also be able to filter (out) strings.

6. Ability to filter out certain file sizes. For instance, all those bogus files with size of 872,159 which take up a quarter of my search results.

7. A customizable offensive content filter, which would be separate from the above filters.

8. Customizable 'ban hosts' on right-click in the Search tab. Why should I have to go to the Security tab to redefine the ban?

9. In the Settings, I should be able to change the default setting for banning hosts. I'd like the time period to be much longer, even infinity. I'd like it to be customizable.

10. In the Download tab, a 'Retry All Candidates For All Files'

11. Ability to customize the amount of time before the candidates get removed from the downloading lists. Sometimes there's only one host, and I know it, but then it gets removed when it can't be found or whatever for some period of time. If I don't know where it came from, I can't retry it ever.

12. When 'browsing hosts', it would be good to be able to tell if the host is unbrowsable, so I don't waste my time trying.

13. This could potentially be part of the 'offensive content filter', or could be done in the customizable one, but would be nice to be able to filter out those files from 30+ hosts that take your search term and add '.jpg' to it, or put underscores between all the letters and then '.jpg'. How about a 'crap filter'?

That's all for now I think.

With all that said, I still think Phex is the best client I've found. I use it all the time. Thanks much!
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