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Angry trouble ordering limewire pro

I ordered limewire pro through the upgrade to pro message that comes on everytime you start LW basic. I filled all mydetails thru credit card, paid the 18.88 USD and presed submit, but I got a message saying some detail or the other on my credit card was incorrect hence unable to process the order. I called my credit card company ten minutes later, and found theyhad received notificationthat I had made an internet transaction with a "limewire-llc". So I went to support at limewire pro, and entered the email address i had entered while making the payment. I got the message: This is not a limewire pro email address! And till now,I haven't received any message in th email confirming that my transcation is complete with limewire llc and how to receive the Pro version. WHAT THE HELL IS UP? SOmeone pls advise! Thanks.
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