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Question disabling Leaf mode?

I tried the suggestion to add the following to my Limewire.props file:

It eventually worked, but there's been some strangeness along the way:
1. Even though I restarted in Client mode (and not Leaf mode), I only connected to one host. I was configured for 4 hosts, and I have a T1 line.
2. Within 24 hours, I had been promoted to an Ultrapeer (yeah!), so that part works. Before, it took me 3 days to be promoted.
3. Now, I'm an Ultrapeer, but when I go to look at my Limewire.props file, it shows EVER_SUPERNODE_CAPABLE=false, MAX_UPLOADS=8 and UPLOADS_PER_PERSON=3, none of which is correct or matchs what the GUI/Options reports.

Is there a known bug where forcing Supernode still doesn't allow you to connect to all 4 hosts? It appears to act like a Leaf, i.e. only one host.

And why doesn't the limewire.props file match the Options screen?
- Tony