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Default Too many results' Part 2

Thought id open this thread, as my problem sounds different from the issue raised in the other 'too many sources' type thread.

Basically, untill a few days ago, when i searched for a song, limewire would bring up around 250 or so finds (talking about the number on the tab, next to the title of what you've searched for. Now it brings up a number litteraly in the thousands. At first i thought, oh wow lotsa soources But then i chose to download one of those files and it just sat on connecting for ages then need more sources.. It does the same for basically all the files i could download apart from the ones with very few or no sources.

Has a mass attack on the gnutella network been unleashed? I.e. loads of fake sources or something. Or is there another problem either my end or on the network.

Oh and btw, i have version 4.10.9 (so the latest one basically) i had the same problem with the previous version, thats why i got the newest version, thought it was a bug fix for instance..

Has anyone else had problems like this? Hopefully someone can help.

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