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Default Double Trouble. First time Limewire AND first time forum

I am completely lost. This is my first time in a forum (I guess that's what you call it). C what I mean. I hope I have done this correctly. What exactly is a thread?

And if that wasn't retarded enough, I downloaded the installer on Limewire and it asked if I would like to run or save it. I selected run and then it simply left me at the same page where I select which pro or basic. where exactly do I go in order to be able to play music on my pc? Is everything this complicated or am I just a complete moron?

After reading the other messages, it seems as if I am not even in the right place. Now I'm curious. What is Phex and how do I begin? Does it do the same things like being able to download music? If anyone has a moment, I would really appreciate it.

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