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Originally Posted by JerseyLinda View Post
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how I can tell which Regional Code is attached to the files? I downloaded a movie that will not play on my DVD player. It needs Regional Code 1 or All. How do I do this?
Region code is normally taken off before the file is shared. Your burner program should have local options ... generally there are no codes set for general burning of videos at home. What your burner program or pre-burner software may need to do is convert from ntsc to pal or vice versa, as well as convert from avi, mpeg 1, 2, 4 to specially formatted mpeg 2 (muxed) for standard dvd video. To play on your home dvd player, be sure it's the correct pal / ntsc, correct dvd disk for your player (older ones might only play dvd+ or dvd- disks), and burnt as a dvd-video format .. not as a data disk. (Some older players also may not play RW disks.)
Originally Posted by janhook View Post
... usa then you want ntsc european uses pal. Try opening the file by right clicking it and choosing OPEN WITH - try the different players in your choice... Try staying away from videos under 40mb.
Good points! Movie download issues (click on blue link). We generally recommend to get back up players such as VLC & MPlayer which have in-built codecs, see CODECs list for Movies/Audio/ Alternate players / Video help forums/ video-mp3 fixers
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