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I would just like to make a few points, first I totally agree with Remoc's point of view, which is based on common sense, especially the point about a little paranoia being good, however too much paranoia will drive you into an early grave.

My second point, most western laws are based on "intension", e.g. did you intend to download CP and/or did you intend to distribute it. Therefore, if you deleted the CP (video or pictures) almost immediately or as soon as you found it I think it would be very difficult for any western court to convict you of anything. However, I must emphasise that I am not a lawyer or solicitor, just a guy taking a common sense approach to the dangers on the gnutella network.

The thing to bare in mind, if you are found in possession of CP, whether you know it is on your PC or not, you are likely to be found guilty of an offence.

Personally, I think you have done the right thing by deleting LW and any suspect files you may have, you should also use utilities like “File Shredder” available here:

Download Simple File Shredder 3.2 - Simple File Shredder is a freeeware secure file deletion - Softpedia

To make sure those troublesome files are really gone, because windows deletion is not enough.

My final point is that a great man once said, “There are two kinds of lies, damn lies and statistics”.

UK Bob
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