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Default Free Music - Support the artists that support filesharing

There is a music revolution on the way. Artist are getting tired of the Record Industry dictating their every move. Until now not many bands have publicly supported file sharing as a means of distribution, but this is about to change.

Nine Inch Nails just made the first part of their new album Ghosts available to the public. You can get it here. And remember if you like it then support them in their quest. It is released under CreativeCommons license

Ghosts - Order Options

More info here:

Nine Inch Nails Uploads New Album on Torrent Sites | TorrentFreak

And if you feel like supporting them even more, then spare them the bandwidth of the download and get the official torrent, uploaded by the band here:

Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I (2008) (download torrent) - TPB)

Oh and this is 100% legit. No need to check for copyright breach

It's nice to see someone finally taking a stand against the RIAA/IFPI, which are still living in the stone age.

Comments are welcomed, and if you have some non copyright music to share, then please do add it here



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