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Red face LimeWire 4.12 not working with OS X 10.3.9

I have OS X 10.3.9 and Limewire 4.12, which should work according to
the threads I've read here. Limewire opens, but when I submet a search
for a song title or author -- nothing will come up.

I have noticed in the lower left hand corner of the page a symbol with a world and a brick wall -- which when my mouse is placed over -- a pop up says "firewall detected". I tried dble clicking to see if that will take me to where I can release the firewall, but it did not do anything. I looked thru Preferences in both LimeWire and in FireFox and did not see where to release the firewall.
This seems to be the problem.
I am connected via Time Warner cable.
Can anyone help?
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