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Default How to recover files lost in Limewire Upgrade?

I tried what you suggested but it did not work. The problem is that I have been moving around the My Documents folder and have got things a bit mixed up. Where exactly should the Limewire Folder (which contains the Incomplete folder) be located on my system? At present I have it in the My Documents Folder, which I'm sure is wrong. What is the correct path. I am using Windows XP Home Edition. This is the path to the file I am trying to download (the film 'The ***y'). C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\My Documents\Limewire\Incomplete\XGW4Y6UUDOABZDNBCFZU QR2BBPDM2LND\The ***by - R R 1974 DVDrip ENG-NL\The ***y - R *** 1974\the incomplete file (75%downloaded)

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