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More additions to the arcade with emphasis on the Bonus section which of course can only be accessed via winning the Caption Contest. 38 new games in total, 11 of which specially selected are added to the Bonus section total. 27 new games for the other sections.

Additions to the Bonus section: Mind Me Bloody Beer, _ Ownage Burst Demo, _Book Stories, _ Art Thief, _ Dead Frontier 2, _ Rapid Randy, _ Demonic Defense 2, _ J20, _ Paper Shot 2, _ Tijuana nother drink, _ Zorbatron, _ Chain Letters (different version.)

Other additions:

Anacondas - Adventure

Kiss Mat 2 - Adventure

Roulette 2000 - Cards, Mahjong, Chess, Casinno

Flower Throw - Adventure

Fratboy Girlfriend Tower Defense - Strategy, Defense, Tower-Defense * (might not load properly)

Ice Age Part 1 - Scrat Jump - Level 2 - Ice Age Games

Ice Age Part 1 - Scrat Jump - Ice Age Games

Intrusion - Shooting Games

Jungle Hunting Defense - Strategy, Defense, Tower-Defense

Marsminer - Mining Games

Matrix Dock Defense - Retro Games

Missile Command - Retro Games

Pandemic II - Strategy, Defense, Tower-Defense

Primal Defence - Military or Flying Games

Seesaw Ninjas - Adventure

Sim Lemonade - Adventure

Beach Squirter - Shooting Games

Starship - Alien and Space Games

Treasure Seas Inc - Mining Games

The Eva Project - Alien and Space Games

Nail Noid - Retro Games

Poopshoot - Military or Flying Games

Shoot The Cliche - Shooting Games

Space Miner - Mining Games

Beer League Pingball - Pinball Games

Trench Defense v32 - Strategy, Defense, Tower-Defense

Ultimate Defense II - Strategy, Defense, Tower-Defense

* Fratboy Girlfriend Tower Defense did not install properly. Perhaps a forum update in some months time may fix this as such updates have in the past.

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