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I'm using Vista 32-bit .

I'm not sure which JRE version I downloaded bcos I didn't download it from the link you posted in an earlier posting. Instead, I got it from the Java software updater that came with the software.

As for the clean-up utilities I dont remember downloading either!

I think this problem arose due to an out-dated Java version. So, the best advice I could give anyone out there intending to install the latest version of LW (Version 5?) is:
Step 1. To check your Java version (you can do this in Control Panel at the Start menu. Click on the Java icon; in the General tab, click 'About...');

Step 2. Go to Drive C: and then to 'Program Files' and delete the LW file;

Step 3. Install the latest Java version (in the 'Update' tab);

Step 4. Install the latest LW version from the LW website;

Which are really your suggested solutions and they worked!
So, thanks!!!
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