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In all honesty I'm starting to wonder if I'm getting ripped off somewhere. I pay an extremely high internet bill as I opted for the faster, 100mbps connection and my LAN shows that I'm getting everything I pay for. However I have no processes running other than our dear LW and only one file downloading at this time. I've attempted to set proxy settings and forward them however that just seems a waste of time and in truth, a little too advanced for me. Mind you I have installed my memory in my compaq myself. I have also heard of the ultrapeer capabilities and how one might delete the five I have running as of current....WHY WOULD I DO THAT!? It's a scary thing to HOPE that I will eventually pick up on 32 ultrapeers but with no guarantee....does ANYONE know a surefire way to speed my dl time past 38kbs??? any help is so appreciated. hell I'd be willing to pay for services if I could start pulling around 100+kbp! oh and I'm aware of the differences in leeching from dial up users as opposed to T1...I'm pulling from 19 users on my file at the moment and at no more than 41kbps
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