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I assume you thinking of iMesh 5.0 wich is GnucDNA based...I have try to make a clean version of it, but it was not worth save it!It didn't work as it should after, and i try to use a original installer with it's adware/spyware on to a old comp...It still connect and it is slow and buggy, and it keeps failing when you try to download the files....So if i was you, i would try to use a another GnucDNA based client/software like Morpheus/Morpheus Ultra hosted her on Gnutella Forums... Morpheus/Morpheus Ultra her on the forum is free from Adware/Spyware and enny other nasty stuff, and they just connect fine... I just might get out her to fast for this one, i must say i have tested the new iMesh 9.1....Not verry great software at all, luckly soooooooooooooooooo easy to crack down on it-so i made a clean version of it in dr.damn style...So the test i have done so fare display no Ads, Adware and Spyware is not installed on my comp after it's run!But probably i never wanna add it to the internet for all, i have a bad feeling about that!If you must use it, then use iMesh 8.0 or 8.1-since they are not restricted as the new 9.1 are....The want to force the users to pay for a pro edition with faster download, and super skin for change the look and feel of iMesh....I belive i can't help more then that!My advice is uninstall it if you can, and get a better P2P software for downloading and shareing of your files!
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