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I have done what you said. I first made sure that there was no limewire stuff on my computer. I then tried the lw 4.16 from the site you gave.
It wouldn't let me even download that one saying it was not recognized.
So I got rid of that and tried to download the LW 4.12.15 which is what I think I had on there and it downloads the green icon and when I go to click on that it takes me to the screen .. where do you want this file ... it tells me an older version exsist and is it ok to replace, I say yes, then it says it cannot install because there is nothing there. I should have just left things alone with the older version. And to top off a great evening of losing my Limewire, all my songs in my itunes vanished. I have tried everything and cannot seem to get limewire at all :-(
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