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Originally Posted by File_Girl71 View Post
Here is some work i did on the LimeWire Pirate Edition 5.6.2 my self, and few things i had to change on it...
-This release of LW Pirate Edition is for Windows OS!
-Have turbo charged connection, but it is no Pro relase!
-Removed the ugly splash screen to LW Pirate Edition...It has a nice one now!
-Removed AVG Antivirus (Useless pail of Crapp!).
-Changed some resource files because of the removal of AVG Antivirus.
-Removed some not needed files like SOURCE, COPY and Flash Player Plugin.
-Repacked the installer so it is a light weight one now!
-Java is seperated from the installer, so it will not download a corrupt Java!
The user must install the Java by them self and use only offline installer ...

Download Offline Java Installer For Windows Here:

My relase of LimeWire Pirate Edition can be downloaded from here:

I read that you think AVG is a "Useless pail of Crapp!", File_Girl71 . What other free antivirus program do you recommend?

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