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You are using the MusicLab (partly run by the RIAA) owned BearShare. Their versions of BearShare do not run on the open Gnutella Network, but instead their own semi-commercial network where you pay a subscription to download DRM infested low quality music files. More about this here BearShare has been sabotaged. If you would like to use the Gnutella Network version BearShare, then see the link in post #2 of that linked thread. The Gnutella Network is FREE to use. Should not need to pay money for any program to use it. BearShare 5.1 beta is totally free.

The Gnutella network is made up of persons just like yourself, sharing files between each other. No files are stored on servers. However, there are RIAA sponsored organizations that attempt to prevent this file sharing by spamming bad files onto the network.

And for advice about how to avoid spam on the network, see advice here: Although the following post link was written for LimeWire users, the advice is still highly applicable for any other gnutella network program: And a little advice about video files New to downloading videos?
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