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Here we go Typically of Forum Sites... All the BIG BAD Boys Who think they Have Accomplished something With There Long time Membership Picking on the New So Typical.

When In reality most of Ya'll are Burger King employees, Why I am Quiting this Forum After My first post.
And I am sure I will get A reply to this Something Like this: "Actually I run My own Business and or CEO and have a Masters or Doctorate.. Or something along those lines.. To try and prove my Above statement wrong.
Now The attitude HAS come out.
All I asked was a simple question, had someone nice enough to answer but then I ellaborated with a follow question to his reply becuase I truly didnt know, as you can see I am new and Explained I am New to this.. So I was Even pointing out that I am illiterate on this subject.. Guess he didnt Get it and took it as an Attitude.

IF Lord of The Rings Was "Done" And sensed a True attitude then the Adult thing to do was not to reply at all. If he truly felt an Attitude. Instead he Assumed I had an Attitude and Stirred up %$#. (oh so Often in these forums.) If I had been a member here for sometime and Not the NEW Guy, the users above would have been a little nicer...
Users Who gang up on New Users ALWAYS Hault the forums ability to grow! I Know the Moderators see this, unless they are part of this as well.
Always good to welcome new members, Instead of acting like in High School or Middle School and Trying to look Cool in bunches and Push people out of here.
First Post and I am gone.
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