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Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
BTW do you find that you get browsed as soon as you startup LW? Is it the Amazon user? I had not used LW for a while & was browsed immediately by them. I had previously searched their ip before. I did not wish to say above I was a little suspicious of Amazon users. There are hosts that browse people robotically as soon as they enter the network. They are Bots in many cases.
In this case they are identified as IndigoSnipe.

There was a couple such Bots in a similar ip range.
That's good to know, I'll keep an eye out for that.
To answer your question, I rarely get browsed. It's probably the speed of my internet connection. But when I do I check it out and so far none have been from amazon users. The first thing I thought of when I seen amazon come up was video sharers (since they now have a service for their buyers club) This is new so I thought I should ask you. I get poor results on music searches when these guys take one of my ultrapeer spots, so I dump them. Lately the results in general have been poor but with your help I have staved off #6346 (my main nemesis for years). I think it might be a good idea if somewhere on the forum we might put a ball-park type list of types of peers for better music searches? For instance we could put CABOS as a bad peer and now maybe amazon? Just a thought.
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