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No, not really. I presume you do not have become an ultrapeer disabled in advanced settings. It's not unusual for the incoming searches to not show as a leaf.

I notice your WinMX shows signs of a firewall. You will need to check the reason for that before you will be able to become an ultrapeer again.

I installed the WinMX Music on a different Win XP & it connected immediately (comes with its own connection file) & connected with UPnP fine according to what the signs suggest.
(My other Win XP comes up with error message when I open apps even though they do open but refuse to connect, so I may need to totally wipe that XP & reinstall it.)

General information about LimeWire clone versions-winmxmusic_incomingmessage.png

BTW I noticed this WinMX Music free installer said there was an update which is 5.8. My original WinMX installer didn't work because the site it obtains the data from has vanished. So I used this WMX free installer instead. The installer process went through 5 to 8 different sponsored 3rd party junkware options.
I'm curious to know what so-called improvements they've made to WinMX over the past 3 years. It still doesn't support DHT which LW started to do with LW 4.18.
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