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And why would ANYBODY want to buy something they can do totally for free. WMP can convert, iTunes can convert, etc. And there are lots of open-source programs out there that can convert either or both video & audio.

Many of the Chinese based audio & video converters are copy-cat breach of patents & copyrights of other softwares. China does not respect intellectual property.

How much did you get paid to advertise for that company?

There is nothing original about your spam. It is so typical of all the other audio & video converter spam with the one exception that you did not post a direct link to their download site or how-to-do videos. Oh yes, I'm sure possumcarter will be reading back your answer after 9 years. Are you a trainee spammer?

The IQ intellectual level of these Chinese people must be incredibly low if they think people actually need to buy something that's not even needed because most people already have at least something on their system that can do these things. Keep your low-IQ spam limited to China thanks.
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