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Originally Posted by BearShare View Post
...Very few still use it.
Yes I noticed the same thing. Less than 15 that connect as ultrapeers over an entire week and the BS leaf population is now also much smaller than it used to be.

This is problematic for BS because when it connects as an ultrapeer it reserves 18 slots (out of 26) just for BS peers. That means you are only connecting to half the number of peers than BS should.

That's the reason I became lazy to update the BS connection installers, there just aren't enough BS ultrapeers around. And generally half (or more) of them are using BS 5.1 beta and half to three-quarters of those are firewalled and should not be ultrapeers in the first place. A firewalled ultrapeer is of no help to anyone. Laziness or ignorance on their part to port-forward their routers so they would not be firewalled.

The other reason for my laziness is a relatively high percentage of BS hosts use dynamic ip address ranges that either change daily or every few months.

BearShare also needs its GWC file updated. I created a read-only version for reasons explained near bottom of my post here New Trick To Make BearShare Connect To Gnutella!. If you are new to BearShare, read that entire linked thread from the beginning on the first page!

I had not seen Mopsmaster's post until now, or left it.
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