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Default Full screen

Many thanks for yr reply, which is greatly appreciated.

Is there an easy way to restore the size of the default page?

If I go to VIEW and hit on FULL SCREEN my problem is not solved because the FULL SCREEN view does not show the toolbar that pops up when I open Gmail.

When the page opens in approximately postcard size, about 4 ins x 6 ins,
it does not show the rectangular box that I normally click on to enlarge the image.

To make myself clearer, this rectangular box is the one that shows up just left of the "x" which is used for closing the page. It occupies the space
where there is the box for two rectangular images overlapping each other and that is used to minimize the page.

Hope I am not confusing the issue.

If you could kindly let me know how to attach an image of the 4 x 6 page,
I would be able to show you exactly what my problem is.

Hope I am not asking too much of you.

Renewed thanks.

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