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We are not normally keen on host ip addresses posted on the forum for privacy reasons (unless it is a BOT.) However you should be aware that is a vps (Virtual private server) and the user might actually be from any country. I'm personally quite a bit wary when I see hosts using a VPS as compared to VPN's. This is due to the 'possibility' of robotic or BOT (pre-programmed, generally fake ID's) types of behaviour. In your experience it sounds like a BOT. However I might be wrong. Regardless it is still misbehaviour and you need to question the motivations of the host.
Add the ip address to the Shareaza hostiles/blocklist whilst the program is closed before you start a new session. See if that helps.

Almost irrelevant but the BearShare, LimeWire, Cabos, Acqlite and WireShare hostiles blocklists have that ip address range blocked.

I've noticed at least a couple of types of BOTs are now using Shareaza as their ID for G1 and G2.

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I'm Running Shareaza
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Netname: Hekko_VPS_Servers.
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