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Yes but the new problem is now, connection dont work. I tried FrostWire Windows Gnutella ConnectFix 17 April 2019 . But still he cant get an connection :/ its curiosly.. now its working. I really dont understand this **** problems xD .. lost connections again.. i found this here from you:

Very basic method of installing a connection file for either LimeWire
or FrostWire. You will need to set the Combo_LimeWire-FrostWire_ConnectFix
script file's permissions to execute under the file's properties
& permissions. Then Run the file in Terminal. Easy as that.
After finished, you can open LimeWire or FrostWire whichever you
installed it for. Careful to choose the correct one or else the script
will install an unnecessary folder.

How to do this exactly with win 7 ? Combo_LimeWire-FrostWire ConnectFix

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