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Originally posted by Unregistered
And so their new score is IQ = IQ - 10
It's sort of like walking down a dark alley in a place you don't know. Not a smart thing to do when all the information is easy to find.
No, in fact, quite the opposite from the Morpheus users' point of view: We know what we had (nice and bright), and we want it to stay that way, hence we continue to choose Morpheus. The information is easy to find if you know where to look, AND that you are supposed to look for it.

Now that I have been informed (by accident) about Gnucleus, I have already chosen to switch.

This does NOT mean that my IQ have changed during the process, it simply means that most people continue to use things as long as they work for them. Morpheus still do for most people... How it is developed and wether it conformes to GPL is of no interest to the average user, I am sad to say...
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