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Hey, just found 6.2.3 on I sorta gave up on LimeWire once the Morpheus invasion was in full force, and Gnutella was almost useless. Gnutella seems WAY better with the new Morph out, even if it is based on an outdated core.

Second, nice on the new version. I love the extra stats - it gives LimeWire a real 1up on the other apps around. The only beef I've (still) got is that those title bars don't remember where they were put. It's kinda worse now that there's so many bars on my old low res monitor, that some can't even be read. As I recall, you said that there was an opensource dev working on that, but I suppose he gave up or didn't finish yet. Meh. Just hope I don't have to wait two years to fix it once I start my Java course.

Other than that, happy on the bug fix that I couldn't download to anything in the My Documents folder (or maybe XP SP1 fixed that, who knows?). Not that it matters who dunnit as it works fine now.