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Default Re: how do you splain??

Originally posted by pokpok
Mr. Lee,

How do you explain that Limewire achieves maybe 10-15% successful downloads when a PC running Kazaa sitting on the same desk, at the same time, searching the same Gnutella network, consisting of the same users might successfully find and download at rate of maybe 70%. If you have the setup available, try it before you respond to this post. I will be surprised if your position of "different users, etc" holds water after that experience.......

To be fair I am guesstimating these numbers. Actual stats may be different.

Think network segmentation, think connection preferences etc. although theoretically, and sometimes practically, the gnutella network acts as a big cloud in which each of the various p2p clients connect. Some vendors (I won't mention any names) engineered features and functions which caused problems on the network. As a result, others built their systems (Supernodes / LeafNodes) so that they work together using features x/y all of this brings us to our current situation the network now exists as little separate islands of p2p applications aggregated by their respective Ultrapeers, Super-nodes, or whatever you wish to call them. Communications between these different client bases many times occurrs as a result of the client types connected to a Supernode. don't forget things like search horizons etc.

I think that you can answer your own question if you think about it long enough. Now if you have some specific information that contradicts my comments please do share them.

Hope this helps.
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