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Originally posted by AnonNoRegDotCom
Morph is not dead, I still see V1.x floating around out there, it will live forever!
Of course, a few people are using Morpheus... but how many users had Morpheus 18 months ago? And how many today? You can compare Morpheus with Napster. Napster was the biggest network and today? Some people are still using it but I wouldnīt say that Napster survived. The same with Morpheus a few thousands use it today, 18 monthas ago there were several millions - so you can of course say that Morpheus is dead!

Sure you find your files that you want to download - but Gnutella is not only Morpheus, here are several clients and Morpheus is sure not the biggest...

The last people who use Morpheus are using it because it has a "good" name, but the most realized that Morpheus (fasttrack) is not the same as Morpheus (Gnutella) and switched to Kazaa or other better Gnutella clients.

Tell me why do you use Morpheus? Do you know that Morpheus is only a clone from Gnucleus? And Gnucleus is without spyware and ads...

Donīt understand me wrong, i donīt care which client you use - I just point out that there are other and technically better clients without crapware. Test them and you will see the difference!

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