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Default Re: I'm In Serious Trouble. Please Help

Originally posted by ajjones05
I recently purchased limewire for my mac osx. Once downloaded, I could not for the life of me get connected. I tried one of the tips stated in these forums to delete all system preferences from my computer and re-instal. However, I must have deleted the wrong file because Limewire now ceases to exist on my computer. How can I get this back? Did I just lose $20? Since it looked as if I was not going to connect, is it possible to get my money back? Please help me. Thank you very much.
Write to the Limewire support with the email address you registered. You'll get back the URL to your private download page needed for reloading the software or for free upgrades.
Note that LimeWire Basic remains a free fully functional application. Your $20 payment is not lost as it really helps LimeWire to maintain the software.

There are a few benefits for LimeWire Pro users with a few performance settings, and the absence of the "upgrade to Pro" dialog at startup, or the absence of the "LimeShop" pane (that is just showing a static HTML page that you are not required to visit; since long now, there's no bundled LimeShop background application, and the LimeShop pane itself contains no active component: it just proposes you to help LimeWire by visiting partner sites through cobranded linked that allows LimeWire to get a few cents of sales commision for the shopping performed via these links; this does not change the price of products bought on the partner sites); both versions do not contain any spyware.

Partner sites listed in the LimeShop page are out of LimeWire control: they may or may not set cookies under their own terms of service. Anyway, you would get the same cookies if you go to these web sites directly from your browser or by following a link in Google, i.e. without using the links provided in the LimeShop page. If users think that one of the partner sites do not respect their terms of service or are doing more than just setting a cookie (that is easy to delete) when you visit them, inform LimeWire and explain the issue. There are tons of other sites with which LimeWire could get a few sales commisions for online shopping performed there.

LimeWire LLC may correct me here, but I'm quite sure that LimeWire does not know who use these sites, how much you buy on these sites and what products you're interested in, and no user identity is collected by LimeWire. The effective terms of service are shown on the online LimeWire privacy page.

If you are still not convinced, you may look at the HTML source of the LimeShop page (right-click on this page, then "View source" menu item): this is pure static HTML code, with no active components, simply shown in a very Basic Internet Explorer HTML component (so the security and privacy settings you have configured in the IE options or with external tools do apply to this page).
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