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Cooper73 September 20th, 2005 10:57 AM

Listen on Port 80 - Port not available
Hi, I've been using Limewire for about 6 months and no real problems, occassional slow downloads but nothing I couldn't live with. Recently it's been a lot slower so I followed the advice in one of the threads and changed the Listen on Port to 80 (in Firewall settings). Download speeds immediately went from 2-3Kbps to 150-200Kbps.

However last few days it's slowed right down again and when I try to select Port 80 now I get an error message saying "Port not available. Please select a different port."

Anyone got any ideas what the problem is or if there is an alternative I can use?

I'm running Windows XP with Windows Firewall - via Tiscali 2MB Connection (yeah I know, I've seen that they are allegedly blocking but up until the last few days it's been fine!).

Any help would be great - ta muchly!

Grandpa September 20th, 2005 07:06 PM

How much you want to bet there monitoring ports and limiting bandwidth when they see excessive use on a given port. Try another P2P and see if it works any better. BearShare Lite doesn't have any spyware in it but it does have 1 adware program but is easily removed.

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