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djhash January 13th, 2006 01:43 AM

TMD Moviez Required
i m on a 56 K modem n i have a very slow download speed (download 4 kb/sec) and a single 700 MB CD download takes upto 50 hours n which is a Pain so is there any way some 1 arrange new TMD movies ( they r small in size like 150MB or 200 MB per CD) i found a user with T1 Speed on lime wire he was sharing TMD Moviez n i downloaded 1 cd of Legend Of The Zorro but the user went offline n my download is broke. Yoy can get movies from TMD Movies but same problem i dont know how to get it from there as lime wire is easy n best way to get them so i shall n rest of other users who r on slow download speeds will appreciate if some 1 gets those movies n share 4 losers like us as i want some 1 always online so we get stuff continuesly without Queue thingy .. if any 1 wants to send FTP detail it would help a million please have a look at my request n sort my problem.

Thank a million

Peerless January 13th, 2006 05:23 PM

sorry, this is not the place for such requests..the network does not really work that way, and this forum certainly does not...we are here to give you a hand if needed with problems with the software platforms, not to supply files..

anyways, TMD movies SUXORS!!!!! (I mean really, they are of sooooooooooooooo bad kwality)

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