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LordDrago May 23rd, 2007 06:57 PM

Subscription & Website Updates
When I originially subscribed, it was for 1.00 with a 1.00 reaccuring charge, I had no problem with that, but the next charge I received was for 7.95 which was never mentioned when I subscribed. There is no place on the website to unsubscribe and there should be. After all, you can get in trouble for making it very difficult for someone to discontinue your services. I think for some new features should be added to the subscribe where it tells you the truth about how much the next set of charges are going to be. Could be that it has been changed since I did last subscribe. A feature on the website that makes it so you can log in, and change your account options, and subscription plans. About 99% of the companies that have a subscription service, have this option, there are quite a few companies that fall in the 99% range that make a lot less then bearshare. Also on the website there should be a link back to these forums, another thing that most companies even the little ones also do that I havn't seen bearshare do.

SmallTimePerson June 4th, 2007 02:57 AM

A couple of points:
1. Bearshare forums use to exist, however a lawsuit forced their closure, these fporums were ruled by overlord moderators like Beethoven, with people like AaronWalkhouse (can't remember if he was a moderator) helping. Aaron got special mention in one of the versions... can't remember which one though
2. therefore Linking to these forums isn't a bright idea legality wise
3.go to BearShare Support

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