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Lord of the Rings February 21st, 2013 03:09 AM

Security packages for LimeWire (help block out the spam and evil hosts)
Rather than split the thread, I've decided to simply point to the posts in the thread that are related to the topic. :)

Security packages for LimeWire (help block out the spam and evil hosts)

Download links for the LimeWire Security Updaters: (choose appropriate version for your system and your choice of security from the folders. Feel free to Bookmark any of these links to periodically check for updates):

* LimeWire Security Updater installers via MediaFire *

* LimeWire Security Updater installers via SaberCat *

* LimeWire Security Updater installers via 4Shared * (Need to be a member of 4Shared to download from that host site)

Do not choose the Full-Japanese block version unless you really have a need to. Otherwise you will be restricting your connection and download/sharing options. ie: Choose the Standard version instead (NJ).

So hopefully more people become aware of what hostile hosts really are and make some effort to protect and block from them. These hostile hosts and spammers break so many laws in most countries in the world. So who is going to send them all to 25 years in jail for their premeditated and well planned assault on the world for spreading of dangerous virus, DDoS attacks, trying to prevent people using the internet at all, trying to prevent your freedoms in life in any way they can. Even when no copyright material is concerned.

Like Oscar Pistorius, shoot first, second and last and get a good excuse later. Seems the DDoS attacks are like the bloodied cricket bat (heavier than a baseball bat) Pistorius used to smash Steenkamp's skull (Steenkamp’s skull was “crushed” .) Hello Hostiles and spammers, DDoS attackers of the innocent 10 year olds, innocent 75 year olds, do you really feel good smashing their life? Does it make you feel good? Get paid well for doing this?

Lord of the Rings March 26th, 2013 09:39 AM

I have not heard from the Phex dev for a very long time. So I am making my own call here.

If you see any Phex version Phex then boot it off your connection list. I have seen far too many of these over very recent past. Absolutely no reason for anybody to be using such an old Phex version below 3.4, so to see so many of them with identical version reminds me of these: Spam sample 1, . . Spam sample 2, . . Spam sample 3, . . Spam sample 4, . . Spam sample 5, . . Spam sample 6.

Edit: 4 April:
Came across a few files of spam by same person. Browsed them and they were sharing over 700 legitimate files with 6 pieces of spam. I am not going to add this host to the block list. It seems to me this is a fairly new user to the network who has downloaded the spam by accident, both audio and video spam and one spam document. Perhaps some might disagree with my decision but I do try to find out if hosts are deliberate spammers or accidental. I have come across accidental downloaders and sharers of spam before, so I need to keep making this kind of decision. I thought I should give an example to show a part of my approach. I can understand how this person was duped.
Had they been using LW 5 / LPE then perhaps some of those files might have been auto-deleted after they finished downloading them if any of those files were on the LW 5's known virus spam file list. (I just never understood why this in-built tool of LW 5 did not make the decision to stop and delete the file very early on in the download process instead of when the file had totally 'finished' downloading.)

Lord of the Rings May 1st, 2013 02:23 AM

1 Attachment(s)
From the next update of the security list:

Since the USA Government refuses to take any action against the illegal actions of the DDoS or Virus spreading companies and turn a total blind-eye on these "illegal" actions despite it contravening USA's own laws let alone international laws, I have decided to ban a freshly discovered USA criminal investigation group. The Gnutella network has been under enough pressure in recent years and does not need this unnecessary crap. And any results of theirs would be used purely for propaganda as history has shown. Fining grannies for downloading something for their grandchildren. I hope you lot (the riaa, etc.) get a high on doing that kind of thing. jerks! Oink! Oink Oink; When Pigs Fly: The Death of Oink, the Birth of Dissent, and a Brief History of Record Industry Suicide. :D

Until the USA Government wakes up and steps aside from the Mafia influences of high paying businesses (ie: their secret donations to the government parties), and until they stop blackmailing other countries to change their laws to suit these businesses with country to country trade at stake, I will continue to ban such groups. There are too many hypocrisies involved when it comes to the USA Government.

(Since when would the rest of the world want USA laws, a country where 'innocent' people whom are not of white descent be keenly hammered to the ground by their police simply because the police were prejudiced. A country where the rich turn a blind eye to the poor without offering a single cent to help and let them starve to death or die due to no chances of medical assistance when needed. Wake up USA, the rest of the world does NOT need your hypocritical laws. A close look at the USA shows a horrible, ugly hypocrisy.)

(If not added already, I will also add some of the recognised anti-torrent attackers. Fresh downloaders of L versions will already have 'some' of these updates including the above.)

Lord of the Rings December 5th, 2015 03:32 AM

I've released an update to the LimeWire Security hostiles. This update fixes many errors that existed when I first converted the BearShare equivalent to CIDR format to use for LimeWire. The only effect the errors had was LimeWire would ignore those listings. Many thanks to ale5000 (a GWebC developer) for researching and finding these errors. :xirokrotima:
There's also been both additions and removals of hosts. Some ranges have not seen hostile hosts for 5 or more years.

h4x5h17 December 5th, 2015 10:50 AM

Cool as hell, Lord'o'rings!

h4x5h17 December 5th, 2015 10:52 AM

Can this list be used with Phex and Frostwire(4.21)?

ale5000 December 5th, 2015 11:33 AM

For those that do NOT already know I will add the distribution of the blocklists directly from the Skulls GWC, and it will work with all P2P app (not from the start but I will add support for other apps from time to time); I have taken the idea from the unofficial mod at
If someone have a decent server it could help by hosting it and report bugs.

ale5000 December 5th, 2015 04:54 PM

I have checked the strong list without full Japanese block and I have found 2 errors:


2) Start IP do not match.
CIDR Range:
Wildcard Bits:
Start IP:
End IP:

Lord of the Rings December 6th, 2015 01:04 AM


Originally Posted by ale5000 (Post 376975)
I have checked the strong list without full Japanese block and I have found 2 errors:


2) Start IP do not match.
CIDR Range:
Wildcard Bits:
Start IP:
End IP:

Thanks. I'll re-update asap.

Lord of the Rings December 6th, 2015 01:11 AM


Originally Posted by h4x5h17 (Post 376973)
Can this list be used with Phex and Frostwire(4.21)?

It appears this is not possible for FrostWire. The program is hard-coded to create a special file called hostiles.dat that forces the program to check the hash of the hostiles, if it does not match the one downloaded then it will re-download it (via torrent) & replace the one you put into place. The hostiles FrostWire would download has not been updated for some years (not sure how many years, perhaps between 4 to 5.)
Edit: it appears the hostiles torrent has now become inactive, which means you are left with zero hostiles.
I can't remember when FW started using this approach but the hostiles should work with the earlier versions. I did test this some years ago but cannot recall the latest FW version a standard hostiles file can be used.

Using any of the hostiles I linked to above should definitely put less load on the FW program.

Phex? I've never been able to get the hostiles (even the BearShare version) to work with Phex, though a few years ago GregorK said it was possible. :confused:

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