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File_Girl71 March 3rd, 2015 05:38 PM

Status of Morpheus P2P Client in 2015!
let's face the reality for Morpheus Basic and Ultra has began to slowly die out! Three things have happen to Morpheus P2P Client since it get shut down in 2008, and that is this: chat has been shut down and Morpheus has big problem to run on modern pc hardware under newer MS OS, also the Neo Network is no longer connecting or working... Morpheus is still connecting and working with Gnutella 1/2 under Windows XP SP3 with IE 6 and probably will also working with Vista, and Morpheus is not working good under Windows 7 even with Windows 7 compatibility mode enabled and I have not tested Morpheus Under Windows 8/8.1 since I do not like it or have it!

Still I wonder if other Morpheus users still can connect and use the Neo Network, please leave a message here if you can or not! Since Neo Network is serverless and only connecting to clients directly it should be fix able and make it work again. But I need help from you who still use Morpheus P2P Client for fresh Neo Network cache which can be included in to Morpheus/Morpheus ultra connection fix 2015...

Lord of the Rings March 4th, 2015 07:04 AM

As you may remember I don't know much about Morpheus. But tempted by your statement about Windows 8, I installed Morpheus Ultra with all the extra fixes of yours and all Set to Run in Admin mode. After correcting the port on my VM system Morpheus connected to both G1 and G2 (1 to 3 peers in each.)

I have a vague memory from a few years ago I don't think I was able to connect to Neo then either.
Searches seem to work fine. :D

I recall there was a bug with a skin which forces a popup to ask which app do you want to use to open the html file.
Did you create a fix for that?

File_Girl71 March 6th, 2015 12:53 PM

It's possible Windows 8/8.1 has better compatibility mode then Windows 7 have, and thats fine. I tested Morpheus Basic and Ultra on Windows 7 and with compatibility mode enabled it keep freezing and crashing and it's interface/gui skin start cracking up literary...

The strange popup that comes from Morpheus is pobably a bug as you said, and yes I found a fix for it! But the fix cause Morpheus to malfunction and got a skin error which cause Morpheus not to run properly...

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