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Vampmon March 25th, 2006 04:00 PM

Morpheus 5.2 Beta
A beta version of Morpheus is available to forum users that includes Podcasting support. We welcome feedback on this first version, with emphasis on any crashes, any podcast URL's that don't work, and any usability issues.

To download Morpheus 5.2 Beta please scroll down to the botton of the page.

Morpheus Beta 5.2 is here now and offers Podcasting support

This is a limited release to Morpheus users and this Beta ReadMe is in no way complete at this time. Since this is a Beta release, please expect an occasional bug.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this Beta release of Morpheus 5.2, and please report any technical difficulties you might encounter.
Note: Some of the features may not yet be available or are still under construction.

Release notes for Morpheus 5.2 Beta (work in progress)
High level changes:

- New Podcast support– Morpheus is now a ‘pod-catcher’ and allows you to subscribe and manage podcasts. (i.e. RSS aggregator )
- Search for Podcasts – Morpheus allows you to search podcasts as peers subscribe to them via peer-to-peer search, which means the search power grows as more users subscribe.
- Download episodes via P2P – get files more reliably and save publishers bandwidth and resources by getting files in a download mesh when available on the peer-to-peer network from other subscribers.
- Podcast Publisher friendly – seamlessly integrates with existing podcast RSS format. There is no need for publishers to edit or create special RSS feeds for Morpheus to download episodes via a peer-to-peer download mesh and Morpheus addresses all statistic concerns for publishers.
- Podcast handler – Morpheus handles the common ‘one-click’ formats for subscribing to podcasts including podcast:// and .pcast formats.

General Morpheus 5.2 Beta known issues (work in progress)

Morpheus Beta has many known bugs and features pending; these are some known issues:

- Compatibility with all Podcast RSS URL’s.
- Podcast episode pane, add size and type columns.
- Podcast search, show balloon window tooltip and include ‘type’ column in results.
- Tweaking the podcast episode downloading algorithm.
- General feedback from users on crashes and usability issues

CLICK HERE to download Morpheus 5.2 Beta

*NOTE* Ultra users must NOT install this Beta.

Remember: Morpheus & Morpheus Beta contain NO Spyware display NO Popup windows, and install NO type of bundle.

cootmaster June 27th, 2007 12:55 PM

my bro wants know is Morpheus good personly never used it he says frostylimewire isnt good i never heard anything good bout morph

omerta13190 July 27th, 2007 02:52 PM

You know whats always good Vampmon,is when you can download what you want when you want...its unfortunate because Morpheus was the **** back in the day now it completely sucks balls due to the fact you can't download a ******* thing...unless that bull**** of copyright bla bla protection comes off I dont think too many people are going to download it you think you could take that back to the developers and make sure they add THAT to the "Morpheus, Center for problems WE develop in order to keep away the consumers"

File_Girl71 June 26th, 2009 01:18 PM

I answere this one too...If you have the same trubble as omerta13190 had,you should downgrade Morpheus to 5.3.0 or Ultra 5.2.3,they both are none restricted versions.....:rolleyes_2:

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