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File_Girl71 May 28th, 2011 04:02 AM

Morpheus Portable Edition!
Final I have made a Morpheus Portable based on PAL system...PAL=Portable Appliction Launcher created by Tritonio a coder from Greece!Thanks Tritonio for your source code for PAL!;) I have done some changes to PAL source code for better fit Morpheus and its needs, and the concept working pretty well too...

How To Do:

1.) Download Morpheus Portable Edition from here:MorpheusPortable_5.3.exe

2.) Put a Usb Pen Drive into your computer.(If its used before I recomend you to format the Pen Drive to "FAT32" first.)

3.) Go to My Computer and see if your Pen Drive is showing up there and notice the drive letter it has (example E)

4.) Doubble click on MorpheusPortable_5.3.exe you downloaded in step1, and follow the on screen steps...(Do not create any folders for Morpheus on your Pen Drive, Morpheus must be extracted to the root of your Pen Drive els it wont work...)

5.) When the extracting of Morpheus is compleated to your Pen Drive, restart your computer...

6.) And after restart it should show up i My Computer as "Morpheus" (with Morpheus icon)....

7.) Open Morpheus and Doubble click on Morpheus Portable Launcher.exe, and Morpheus should start up and run...Morpheus is now Portable!:)

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