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Lord of the Rings January 14th, 2013 03:33 PM

General information about LimeWire clone versions
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Cabos, Acqlite and Acquisition

The earliest mainstay programs that could be considered clones of LimeWire were Cabos, Acqlite and Acquisition. However, whilst these programs used the internal engine of LimeWire with some modifications, their interfaces were considerably different and quite simplistic in comparison. All of these 3 program's interfaces are somewhat similar. Acqlite was designed to be a cross between Cabos and Acquisition.

Attachment 6461 . Attachment 6463
Interfaces for each of Acqlite and Cabos, both very similar. Acqlite can keep history of previous sessions searches & perhaps a fraction faster to connect compared to Cabos.

Acquisition (Mac OSX only) is now no longer developed and due to the developer's aggressive commercial approach tried to make sure these versions would no longer run on the network (and people's paid for lifetime membership of Acquisition turned into dust as the developer ran off happily with their money and then developed a torrent shareware equivalent called xtorrent to continue to rip people off with a pathetic torrent program that is not even on the allowed list of torrent programs at private torrent sites. I have tried xtorrent and it is pathetic compared to the true well known standard torrent programs. He provided only half the Acquisition program in the last update then disabled the ability to download the other half despite people had paid for it.) Some Acquisition programs can occasionally be seen online however. Recommended replacement for Acquisition would be Acqlite which is very similar but totally free and usually connects easily. A connection fix installer is available if problems connecting.
Cabos (Windows & Mac) & Acqlite (MacOSX only) can be found here for Windows, or here for MacOSX Cabos & Acqlite or Acqlite here for the sourceforge link, to save you searching for them. Cabos sourceforge download page is Cabos via sourceforge. Note: Cabos for MacOSX is 32-bit only and will not run on 64-bit OSX. Use Acqlite instead, it's arguably a better program in any case.

All other Limewire clones

All the other clone versions of LimeWire I am aware of look and behave almost identically to LimeWire version 4 or earlier (with exception of FrostWire 4, I estimate their technology is no more advanced than LW 4.10.) These LW clones were based off the LW4 or earlier source code. Of course many people would remember FrostWire as being very similar to LimeWire v.4.

Sorry no LW clones exist for Linux with exception of FrostWire.

These are the only other LW clone versions I have tried or am aware of (referred to as LW4 Clones):
360Share, Addax, Bearshare Turbo, BitRope P2P, CitrixWire, DexterWire, Emerald P2P UltraPeer, GnutellaWire, KoolWire, LemonWire, LimeRunner, LimeShare Pro, LimeWire MP3, LimeWire Music, LimeWire Turbo, LimeZilla, LuckyWire, MP3 Rocket, MP3 Torpedo, MP3Suite, MP3treat, Sharest, ShareWire, ShareZilla, TurboWire, WinMX Music, WireStack. These are all look-alikes of LimeWire 4 with exception of LuckyWire.

The only clone program of the LimeWire 5 version I am aware of is LuckyWire. (Ignoring LPE & WireShare from this.)

My impression is all the LimeWire 4 style clones use older gnutella technology with exception of FrostWire. The only LW 4 clone to have DHT (or even TLS) capabilities AFAIK is FrostWire version 4. DHT was first added to the LimeWire 4.14 version & none of the other LW4 style clones reciprocated. The only other clones that seem to have DHT capabilities are Cabos & Acqlite. LuckyWire also.

Attachment 6253 (identified and tested LW-clones with their icons and names, click to see larger view, 125 KB JPeg)

If you are using or wish to use one of the LimeWire-4 Clone programs, I highly recommend Port Forwarding so you are not firewalled. The LW-4 Clones may have UPnP support but it is obviously a very early basic UPnP & in most cases does not work!!! Over 90% (probably 95%) of LW-4 Clones I see are firewalled, and those that are not firewalled have port forwarded and often connect as ultrapeers (their connection port in most cases is always the same.)

If you know of any other programs based off LimeWire, please let us know. :)

The purpose of this forum is a general help to keep the Gnutella network running happily. And this includes all the LW clone versions. Some such programs have their own forums, some did but have since closed, and some never had any support.

Upon testing, a few of the LW clones attempt to send messages to a site of address which Malwarebytes blocks and warns me is a malicious website. Spybot-Search&Destroy removed 3 or 4 items and almost 100 entries for the spyware added by the 3rd party installers.

If you are considering trying any of the LW4 clone versions, my first advice would be to be careful of the installation options. My advice is to choose Custom install and disable the installation of the toolbars and other junkware. Lots of software companies are now into getting pocket money for including 3rd party software in their installers, which only have the effect of slowing your computer and network down. My sister's computer was the best example, with about 15 toolbars, a dozen search engines, several browser plug-ins, some security softwares that did not work well, all resulting in her computer running as slow as a computer made in the 1980's. :D Once a specialist cleaned her computer of the junk, it ran as fast as though it were new. And all this hassle and particular slow motion running due to 3rd party installations. :rolleyes: :slow::imwaiting: (10 minutes waiting for a web page to load whilst using high speed broadband, and 15 minutes for the computer to boot up fully.)

I set the install options to custom for all the above programs and unchecked all options for 3rd party software. A few of them installed browser plug-ins anyway despite this. I knew because I was watching various parts of the computer during installation and kept deleting/uninstalling these plug-ins. (And LimeZilla will not even run unless you install the 3rd party stuff & checks at start-up to be sure you have not removed it.)

That decision is totally up to you during installation however and you may like such toolbars. My notification is purely for your information to consider.

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runt66 November 16th, 2013 06:08 PM

I think winmx 4.9.0 is a clone ; anyway , the first line on my upload page is always exactly the same ;

name; winmx music free exe ;
host ;
Vendor ; orangewire 5 .6 .2

what do you reckon is going on here ??

Lord of the Rings November 17th, 2013 07:57 AM


Originally Posted by runt66 (Post 373071)
I think winmx 4.9.0 is a clone ; anyway , the first line on my upload page is always exactly the same ;

name; winmx music free exe ;
host ;
Vendor ; orangewire 5 .6 .2

what do you reckon is going on here ??

Interesting question. AFAIK WinMX (Music at least) is a LW 4 clone. I have seen OrangeWire around but only as a bad client. By that I mean the only times I saw them was when one or two spam companies were using that & other software with the same or similar ip address. Why OrangeWire should show up in WinMx I have no idea. I do not recall that from the version I ran but I can recheck it.

As for a previous snapshot of Orangewire being among the clients used for ill-full purposes:
I'm wondering if you got your WinMx from a different source to mine. In the sample image, the OrangeWire version is 5.6.2 which is possibly similar or equivalent to LPE, except the WinMx version I used was LW 4 equivalent.

Lord of the Rings November 18th, 2013 12:17 AM

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I have no idea what's happening there. Perhaps someone has repackaged/reworked the LPE version. After all it is 'open-source'. Seems WinMX free is maybe put together by different persons. If I can find a copy I might add it to the Clone connection installer.

Specifically the WinMX Music version I've tested 4.9.8 is a LW 4 clone. Snapshots show the startup screen & then the main interface with the About window sitting in the middle. There's no reference to OrangeWire. Also I've been connected to other WinMX Music versions previoiusly.

Attachment 6449 . . Attachment 6451

As an off-topic, I haven't been using the network much for many months so will probably update the connection lists for all the gnutella clients late December. Recent tests showed the connection lists still work.

runt66 November 18th, 2013 03:27 PM

runt66 November 18th, 2013 03:31 PM

Sorry gang , can someone explain how i can use windows vista paint to get the full photo of winmx ';

runt66 November 18th, 2013 03:38 PM

For some reason i can only get half a picture .

Lord of the Rings November 18th, 2013 04:13 PM

Maybe it is how you took the snapshot? Maybe the screenshot was not set wide enough.
How about take a snapshot of the other half and post that. ;)
I'm a mac person & we don't have print screen key on our keyboards.
You can also upload directly to the forum if you choose Advanced Reply.

runt66 November 18th, 2013 07:09 PM

When you click on message 5 , can you see all my pictures i have on photobucket ???

Lord of the Rings November 18th, 2013 08:38 PM

Yes. If you wish to avoid that, change the photobucket permissions for the other photos. Or put the other photos into Stories that only restricted persons can see. hmm even just putting them into stories might overcome that.

Stories are not hard to create, follow the photobucket instructions on how to do. A story is like a folder with specific images within it. If in doubt, send a question to photobucket support.

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