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Lord of the Rings January 21st, 2013 07:15 AM

Sounds like a good set-up. Did you get a response from Netgear yet about those issues?
Yeah the grey on black was not a good idea.

Coincidentally yesterday I set up my new Western Digital My Book II, 6 TB with RAID mirrored 3 TB. Of course this is only for backup purposes. Firewire 8 which is fast enough for me. I did have a lot of backup to do so was on for longer than usual, about 4 hours. In the reviews someone complained about the new device smell. I noticed this, smelled like plastic. The housing is a plastic. I'd prefer a metal box but anyway. Looks as though it is easy to change-over drives if one dies. I took a while to decide whether I'd use it as 6 TB or mirrored 3 TB. Even with 3 TB, still worked out cheaper than Lacie re: drive space versus price. I went for mirrored for obvious reliability purposes. I'd scream if I lost multiple TB's of data due to one of the drives becoming problematic.

ukbobboy01 January 25th, 2013 11:36 AM


I see that you too have decided to move away from having multiple external drives, which I found useful at the time but proved to be problematic in the longer term.

The Netgear ReadyNAS Duo V2 is made out of metal, which adds to its solid look and well-built feel and, by using quiet HDs, the working unit overall is virtually silent when in use.

I, like you, choose to use my 2 x 2TB HDs as one 2TB volume and thanks to Netgear's X-Raid2 format I can upgrade to 2 X 3TB HDs in the future, without risking loss of data.

However, I am still waiting for a solution from Netgear's tech support, in the form of a patch, utility or firmware upgrade, to fix my particular problem, i.e. user access rights not working.

Mind you, I am cautiously optimistic because Netgear recently released (in December 2012) a utility that allowed WinXP, Vista and W7 to work with their built-in remote access facility (which should have worked in the first place).

But, you know, the thing that gets me is that computer companies, at least their software division, can make claims for their products, sell them, then you the customer after purchase finds that certain parts of their products do not work as advertised..

I find it incredible that no one yet has sued one of these companies for selling an incomplete or misleading product.

Anyway, I have a good product that provides a good service but cannot provide one essential part.

UK Bob

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