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ursula February 10th, 2007 06:09 AM

The Gowers Report - UK Government Report on Copyright Law Changes
Have many of you gang heard about the above mentioned report re: copyright laws in the UK ?

Click here for a good starting point and follow it up with a Google search...

And for a quick link to a pdf file discussing the 'economic' realities of the recording industry, try here...

stief February 12th, 2007 04:59 PM


(iv)The Net Effect. Given the small size of this increase, the large number of works already being produced and the likely size of the deadweight loss (particularly in relation to historical works) it is our view that a term
extensionwill likely result in a net loss to UK society as a whole.
Nice solid Brit conclusion. (p 49)

ursula February 14th, 2007 03:41 PM

HEY THERE, Stief !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long time no NADA !!!!!!!!!

Hope you and yours OK !!!
(Me gotta worry large about you multi-hullers !!!!!!!!!)

Yuppp... Kinda protective, as only dem Brits can do it... (albeit temporarily, as usual !)

BUT, the main point re: The Gowers Report is basic... I first posted these links in simple form to try to judge reaction...
NO SURPRISE that you are the only respondent to date !

For the rest of you gang... The Gowers Report is an 'officialy sanctioned' investigative report re: the impact, pertaining to the UK market (i.e. 'Industrial Base') of the pros & cons of ascribing to the corporate welfare system of support for the recording industry of the U.S.A. and its absurd and singular 'laws'...


'Bottom line', as they say in the Peoples Kleptocracy of Dumphuqistan, is that the 'Recording Industry' in general is doing MORE than well enough, thank you, and that it would be contrary to the overall interests of the UK economy to follow suit.

Geddit ?

The report on the economic realities of the world-wide Recording Industry is most interesting...

This is not some dry and boring bit of word following dreary word...

Please, gang, READ IT ALL, OK !?!?
I mean, Her Majesty's Treasury is... ON OUR SIDE (sort of) ! :xirokrotima:
...& that's about as weird as weird gets, hmmm ?

p.s. Maybe I have posted this in the wrong place... dunno...

newbee2 February 24th, 2007 05:02 PM

Thanks Ursula,sometimes we get things right ! good report, I especially liked this bit: Combined with our conclusion that the case for term extension is in fact, WEAK,means it would be particularly inadvisable,given our present state of knowledge,for a RATIONAL policymaker to extend the term of copyright in sound recordings. !! Says it all doesnt it !
Well spotted and thanks, it wasn't given much coverage over here (Wonder why)

AaronWalkhouse February 24th, 2007 07:25 PM

Every report done in Canada has said the same, no matter who commissioned it,
and every time the recording industry has both lied about the results and gone
on to label Canada as a den of piracy even as their lies are exposed in the press.
The american movie industry behaves the same way so it's all old news to us.

It has gone on so long that the Canadian music and movie industries are now
almost totally divorced from those crazy liars, which leaves the so-called CRIA
in the utterly weird position of representing literally no Canadian musician or
label yet still trying to bribe and lobby our federal politicians even while all of
them know these shills represent exclusively american and foreign interests
these days.

It has literally become a comedy in our press as their lies become more and more
desperate and pitiful. Witness the recent threats by MPAA members to delay
screenings in Canada because Toronto is apparently the source of nearly 50%
of all "cams" (in the whole world!). Even though exposed as a blatant lie, they
insist on repeating it in hopes of tricking our own politicians into changing our
existing and reasonable anti-cam laws into something as ridiculously over the
top as those in the US.

newbee2 February 25th, 2007 04:39 AM

Thanks Aaron, Your right it's a comedy of errors, the keyword in all this is RATIONAL,I firmly believe that this was started by the '' Pay to View '' television market some time ago, recording industry accountants saw an opportunity for a ''Free lunch'' as you know there are dark moves by microsoft and copyright lawyers to make even more re-hashed money, and it's all about control of media empires after all. the fact that the whole policy is insanity, leaves everybody as a loser in the long run, will only go away if the costs of court cases outweigh percieved profit in continuing with this madness.It's good to hear that the Canadians have a lot of common sense on this issue, distinctly lacking in US policies I think ! Here in the UK we do have a reputation for common sense, not one shared by our present government I fear.
Kind regards,
Newbee 2

ursula March 2nd, 2007 02:59 AM

... there are also some old favourites...



FALLOUT - a follow up to The Internet Debacle

Very straight shooting... :xeri_ok1ani:

newbee2 March 2nd, 2007 05:35 AM

Brilliant articles,clear,concise,cogent,pertinent and most of all RIGHT !
Thanks ursula.:xeri_ok1ani:

mickjapa108 April 18th, 2007 01:48 AM

As far as the law goes, There is different laws depending on what country you are in, so check where you stand with your country's law, My opinion is, that all
perceived ownership is theft, Every atom was here when
we arrived at birth & when we age gracefully an pass from this world it will all be here, even the bodies we
utilize,return to their real proprietor our mother earth
COPY!! there's a word, & who has the right too.
The British once made a law, that the common Indian
people could not copy the process of making salt.
Until Mohan Das K Ghandi encouraged men to stand
in peaceful protest against such foolishness.
If cave men did'nt copy, what music would there be
A large consideration for me is, IF music be the food of love, then who has the right to keep us hungry.

Just don't put it on CD to sell, I think thats wrong
For you & your friends to listen to, I don't see any harm. Choice! is always yours.
Later friends.

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