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legsman August 6th, 2003 11:21 AM

No connections!
Mac OS 9.2 Cable Modem

I've also just upgraded to the latest version-3.3 or whatever because, lately, I've been unable to connect. I see many hosts flying by in the connection window, but they don't get connected. The same thing is happening now with this latest version. This is most frustrating.

I don't want to bash limewire, but every version I've had has been a great dissappointment. I rarely ever successfully download any of the Mp3 I search for and find. I mean, usually, I enter a bunch of searches, get positive matches, attempt to download them and by the next day, I still have no songs.!! I've used kaza for the PC and it is amazing. Every song I can thing of comes up when I search and they almost always download right away. I've actually never once had a problem. Whereas with Limewire, I've never actually had a good experience. Why can't Limewire work as well as Kaza? Why can't kaza work for the mac?

Blackbird August 6th, 2003 08:30 PM

Try waiting a couple minutes for Limewire to establish a connection.

Kazaa is a proprietory protocol, and they aren't interested in developing for the mac, and they aren't going to sell their code to anyone who will.

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